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Tiny Homes, Big Dreams

Modular . Prefab . Tiny . Elegant


At Bosman Home Front, our modular cabins are meticulously crafted to exceed standards and tailored specifically to meet your unique requirements.

Cypress Modular Cabin

Cypress Modular Cabin

3 Bed |
2 Bath |
1344 sq ft
Cypress Modular Cabin
Coming Soon

Cascade Modular Cabin

1 Bed |
2 Bath |
780 sq ft
Cascade Modular Cabin
Sierra Modular Tiny Home

Sierra Modular Cabin

1 Bed |
1 Bath |
542 sq ft
Sierra Modular Cabin

Living in a small ‘Tiny’ home offers a transformative experience, embracing a simpler, intentional way of life. Limited space encourages mindful consumption and creative storage solutions. It fosters a closer connection with nature, prioritizes experiences over possessions, and reduces environmental impact. Living ‘Tiny’ brings freedom, minimalism, and a fresh perspective on what truly matters.

Stable . Versatile . Sustainable


Every good thing in life starts with a solid foundation; Bosman Modular ‘Tiny’ Homes offers two solutions…an engineered poured concrete slab, or helical screw piles (piers). We can assist you in obtaining the necessary engineered drawings and permits, and navigating the application process with your municipality to help you achieve your dream effortlessly.

Helical Screw Piles

Helical pier foundations are advantageous due to:

  • Stability and load-bearing capacity: strong support for structures under heavy loads
  • Versatility: works very well in various soil conditions, and adaptable to different projects
  • Easy installation: simple and cost-effective process
  • Minimal environmental impact: requires less excavation, minimal disturbance to the landscape
  • Prevention of settling: avoids sinking, evenly distributes weight
  • Longevity: provides lasting support for many years
  • Immediate load transfer: can bear loads immediately after installation, no settling or curing required
  • Cost-effective: faster installation, reduces overall construction expenses
Bosman Modular Home Foundation
Building Permit


Yes you will need to apply for a permit for our modular ‘Tiny’ homes. Our homes are meticulously designed and engineered by licensed BCIN certified companies, and will meet all Ontario Building Code (OBC) requirements to withstand harsh Canadian winters. We can help you through this process.


Owning a Bosman modular ‘Tiny’ home has never been more accessible with our flexible financing options. We understand that financial considerations play a significant role in making your ‘tiny’ home dreams a reality. That’s why we offer assistance in obtaining a loan for your new home. Don’t let financial constraints hold you back from experiencing the freedom and charm of ‘Tiny’ home living – we’re here to help!

Financing Available

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