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912 High Seas Explorer – Playset
912 High Seas Explorer - Playset
High Seas Explorer

Specifications | 912 High Seas Explorer – Playset

All aboard for a voyage to the past with the Historic Adventures swing set where your hardy sailors can reenact the discovery of America or new southern islands. The two super scopes aide in the sighting of trouble just in time to turn the ships wheel for a new heading. Your young sailors will have plenty to do aboard this luxury Yacht!
P912 Poly High Seas Explorer


  • Youngster Yacht
  • High Ride Attachment Beam 4 Position
  • Trapeze with Rings
  • 2 Sling Swings
  • Horse Glider
  • 10 Scoop Wave Slide
  • 7’ Turbo Twister Slide
  • 12’ Gang Plank
  • 7’ Rock Climb
  • 2 Super Scopes
  • Ships Wheel
  • Hand Rails
  • Child’s Table and 2 Chairs
  • 5 Flags

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912 High Seas Explorer – Playset