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P518 Poly Dizzy Delight - Playset
Dizzy Delight

Specifications | 518 Dizzy Delight – Playset

Your children will treasure their little days with this Dizzy Delight swing set. They can whittle away many happy hours on the swings and twirling down the Turbo Twister Slide. From building castles in the Sandbox to playing make-believe with the Steering Wheel and Super Scope, children will make moments to remember forever.
P518 Poly Dizzy Delight


  • Deluxe Sky Tower
  • Double Canopy
  • High Ride Attachment Beam 3 Position
  • Trapeze with Rings
  • Sling Swing
  • Horse Glider
  • 7’ Turbo Twister Slide
  • 5’ Rock Climb
  • 5’ Step
  • Climbing Pole
  • Sandbox Cover
  • Steering Wheel
  • Super Scope
  • Steel Hand Grips
  • 3 Flags

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518 Dizzy Delight – Playset