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223 Friendly Retreat – Playset
223 Friendly Retreat - Playset
Friendly Retreat

Specifications | 223 Friendly Retreat – Playset

Your children’s playtime fun will skyrocket with the Friendly Retreat play set. Steps and Rock Climb lead to the tower with its Steering Wheel and Super Scope. A curvy ride on the Wave Slide will take your adventures to the ground where several swing styles are also included - two Sling Swings, Trapeze with Rings and Tire Swing. Add this playset to your backyard, and many joy-filled memories are sure to be in your future.
P223 Poly Friendly Retreat


  • Poly Summit Tower
  • Single Canopy
  • Easy Ride Attachment
  • Beam 3 Position
  • Trapeze with Rings
  • 2 - Sling Swing
  • Molded Tire Swing • 10’ Wave Slide
  • 5’ Combo Climb
  • 5’ Step
  • Steering Wheel
  • Super Scope
  • Steel Hand Grips • 2 Flags

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223 Friendly Retreat – Playset