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“Poly Merry Haven” Playset
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Poly Merry Haven Playset: Backyard Fun for Kids

Encourage Outdoor Play with Our Green Deluxe Play Tower, Swings, Slide, and Sandbox

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Unleash your kids’ outdoor fun with the Poly Merry Haven Playset, featuring a vibrant green Deluxe Play Tower, protective canopy, and a trio of safe swings, including a baby option. The excitement continues with a 10′ wave slide and a spacious sandbox with a cover. Complete with green steel hand grips, a steering wheel, a super scope for exploration, and cheerful flags, this playset promises endless hours of active play.

“Poly Merry Haven” Playset

Introducing the Poly Merry Haven Playset — a fantastic addition to your family’s outdoor space where your kids and their friends can enjoy endless hours of fun. This playset is packed with activities, featuring:

  • Poly Deluxe Play Tower (Green): A sturdy centerpiece for the play area.
  • Green Canopy: A single, 45-degree green canopy for a splash of color and shade.
  • Swing Options: Includes a baby swing, a trapeze with rings, and a sling swing, all equipped with safety chains.
  • Slide: A 10-foot wave slide for thrilling descents.
  • Climbing Features: Poly 4-foot steps for easy access to the play tower.
  • Sandbox: Comes with a 5×8 green sandbox cover to keep play sand clean.
  • Interactive Accessories: Steel hand grips for safe climbing, a green steering wheel for imaginative play, a super scope for pretend adventures, and green flags for a festive touch.

This playset is designed for safety and sustainability, ensuring that playtime is not only fun but also secure.

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