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“Poly Jolly Jump” Playset
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Poly Jolly Jump Playset: Ultimate Backyard Adventure for Kids

Transform Your Home into a Play Paradise with Our Safe and Durable Swing, Climb, and Slide Set

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Delight your kids with the Poly Jolly Jump Playset, a perfect backyard addition for endless fun. This comprehensive set features a 5′ Poly Watch Tower, multi-colored canopy, various swings with safety chains, a trapeze, a 10’ wave slide, climbing options like a monkey bar and rock climb, plus playful extras like a super scope and binoculars. Designed for safety and durability, it’s the ideal way to create memorable outdoor adventures at home.

“Poly Jolly Jump” Playset

Transform your home or cottage into a fun-filled destination with the Poly Jolly Jump Playset. Perfect for creating a ‘staycation’ adventure for kids, this playset offers a delightful mix of activities right in your backyard. It features a range of engaging elements:

  • Poly Watch Tower (5’ Height, Green): Overlooks the play area with a single, tri-color canopy.
  • Swings and Accessories: Includes a Disc Swing, an Easy Ride attachment Beam, a Trapeze with Rings and a Safety Chain in green, plus a yellow Sling Swing with a Safety Chain.
  • Climbing Features: A Poly Monkey Bar Climber and a Poly 5’ Rock Climb offer adventurous climbing options.
  • Slide: A 10’ Wave Slide for a 5’ Deck in yellow adds thrilling sliding fun.
  • Additional Elements: The set is further enhanced with green Disc Swing with Knotted Rope, Poly 5’ Steps, green Flags, a Super Scope, Burgundy Binoculars, and a pair of Steel Hand Grips in green.

Each component is designed for safety and durability, ensuring a secure environment for children to swing, climb, and slide to their heart’s content.

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