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Enchanting Children’s Playhouse
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Enchanting Children’s Playhouse – The Perfect Outdoor Christmas Gift

Colorful & Safe Kids’ Playhouse with Adult Access – In Stock Now

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Delight your children this Christmas with our vibrant and safe playhouses, designed for imaginative play. Featuring child-friendly glass windows, a cozy loft, and adult-sized entry, these playhouses are a dream come true for any child. The bright paint scheme and cedar railings add charm to your garden. Ready for immediate purchase, our playhouses promise to be the highlight of the season, offering a magical retreat where your kids’ creativity can flourish.

Enchanting Children’s Playhouse

Make the holiday season unforgettable with the ultimate Christmas present for your little ones!

Gift them a space where their imagination can run wild, and watch as their creativity and self-assurance soar. Our playhouses, with child-friendly glass windows and vivid, eye-catching colors, create a delightful sanctuary that both you and your children will adore. And don’t worry, there’s an adult-sized door at the back for when you’re invited to partake in the adventure.

Playhouse Features:

  • Classic Gable Roof complemented by charming 4′ side walls.
  • Durable Asphalt Shingles for long-lasting protection.
  • A 20″x40″ door, perfectly sized for children.
  • A 33″x72″ adult door to allow easy access for fun family interactions.
  • An inviting loft with a ladder for imaginative playtime.
  • Sturdy foundation with two 4×4 treated skids.
  • Reliable 2×4 untreated joists for structural support.
  • Wall framing spaced 24″ on center for robust construction.
  • Five 14″x21″ windows plus one playful octagon window, filling the space with natural light.
  • An 8’x4′ treated porch deck, complete with aromatic cedar railings, extends the play area.
  • A continuous ridge vent for comfortable airflow.
  • A vibrant paint scheme that includes three colors to brighten your yard: Ocean Mist for siding, Turquoise for trim, and a zesty Lemon for the door.

With every detail thoughtfully designed for play and safety, this playhouse isn’t just a gift; it’s a doorway to a world of dreams for your children.

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