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Balcony Height Composite & Teak Dining Table with 4 wicker stools and 2 wicker end arm chairs
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Eco-Friendly Balcony Height Teak Dining Set with Wicker Chairs

Sustainable Outdoor Composite & Teak Table with Sunbrella Cushions

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Our Eco-Friendly Balcony Height Dining Set, complete with a composite and teak table, elevates your outdoor meals. The set features four wicker stools and two armchairs with Sunbrella cushioned comfort, blending durability with sustainable design. Ideal for patios and balconies, the FSC-certified teak and stain-resistant fabrics ensure long-lasting use and easy care. Perfect for eco-conscious homeowners, this set promises a chic, yet responsible addition to any outdoor dining area.

Balcony Height Composite & Teak Dining Table with 4 wicker stools and 2 wicker end arm chairs

Enhance your outdoor dining experience with our Display Model Balcony Height Composite & Teak Dining Table Set, accompanied by four stylish wicker stools and two wicker end armchairs. This set combines the timeless appeal of teak with modern wicker design, perfect for creating a focal point in your balcony or patio space.

Product Features:

  • Balcony Height Dining Table:
    • Crafted from a top-quality composite material and natural teak wood known for its strength and weather resistance.
    • The table’s elevated design is perfect for balcony views and casual outdoor dining.
    • Ample surface space to accommodate meals, decorative items, or entertainment essentials.
  • Wicker Stools and End Armchairs:
    • Includes four elegantly designed stools made with durable wicker material, providing a comfortable seating experience.
    • Two end armchairs feature the same high-grade wicker with additional armrests for enhanced comfort and support.
    • Each stool and chair is outfitted with plush cushions covered in premium Sunbrella fabric, which is resistant to stains, UV rays, and mildew.

Care Instructions:

  • To clean, simply wipe down the wicker and teak surfaces with a damp cloth.
  • The Sunbrella cushion covers can be removed for cleaning and are machine washable.

This balcony height dining set is not only a beautiful addition to your outdoor space but also a testament to sustainable design, featuring materials that are both durable and environmentally conscious. It’s perfect for those who value luxury and sustainability in their outdoor furnishings.

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