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12′ x 12′ Breckenridge Wood Pavilion
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Elegant 12x12 Breckenridge Wood Pavilion with Gable Trusses

Stylish Outdoor Shelter with Traditional Roof & Laminated Posts

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Elevate your outdoor entertainment with the Breckenridge Wood Pavilion, spanning 12×12 feet of stylish shelter. Its open gable trusses offer a spacious feel, while sturdy 8×8 laminated Southern Yellow Pine posts exude natural charm. With notched joints for enhanced durability, Cedartone-stained pine sheathing, and sleek asphalt shingles, this pavilion is perfect for any gathering. It’s a seamless blend of elegance and function, ready to host your next memorable backyard BBQ or social event.

12′ x 12′ Breckenridge Wood Pavilion

The 12′ x 12′ Breckenridge Wood Pavilion offers a picturesque setting for your outdoor gatherings, providing the perfect blend of open-air ambiance and protective shelter. This pavilion features majestic open gable trusses, inviting the sky into your social events while still offering cover from the elements. The solid structure boasts 8” x 8” laminated posts made from clear Southern Yellow Pine, enhancing the pavilion’s robustness and visual appeal. Notched joints between posts and beams ensure added structural integrity.

Product Features:

  • Open Gable Trusses: Maximizes the outdoor feel while providing shelter.
  • Sturdy Laminated Posts: Constructed from clear Southern Yellow Pine for lasting strength.
  • Enhanced Structural Integrity: Notched joints add stability and aesthetic charm.
  • Durable Roof Construction: Features pine T&G sheathing with a rich Cedartone stain, topped with dimensional asphalt shingles.
  • Engineered for Harsh Climates: Built to withstand Canadian snow loads with an engineered 50lb snow load capacity.
  • Aesthetic Details: Exposed trusses, straight braces and beams, along with a storm cloud grey finish, offer a classic yet contemporary look.
  • Fan Brace: Provides additional support and a ready option for hanging a ceiling fan or lights.

Care Instructions:

  • Regularly inspect for any signs of wear and address them promptly to maintain the pavilion’s integrity.
  • Clean the wood surfaces with a mild wood cleaner to keep the Cedartone sheathing vibrant.
  • Check the shingles after severe weather and clear any debris to maintain the roof’s condition.

Whether hosting a sunny day BBQ or a cozy winter gathering, the Breckenridge Wood Pavilion stands as an impressive centerpiece to any backyard, ensuring that your events can be enjoyed in comfort and style, regardless of the weather.

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