Sun Studios

What is a Sun Studio?

When the sun is out you don't want to miss this wonderful natural light.  With our specialized  system you can maximize the light and keep the bugs out with the screens.  

The 4-track window system height is divided into four vents. Glazed with a tough resilient vinyl, the vents are available in four different tints: clear, smoke, bronze, or dark grey. The vents are all the same width, allowing them to be interchangeable, so the tinted ones may be positioned for better protection from the sun. The vertical window closes to reduce wind, rain, pollen, and sound. The units are lightweight and move effortlessly along the guide tracks, stacking up or down to allow a generous 70% ventilation opening.


With larger window openings vs conventional glass windows you receive more air flow to keep your studio cooler.  Finish it off inside with our smart panel siding and flooring.  Your studio can be your getaway. Call and speak to one of our design consultants on what your dream studio would be.  













Featured Above.  12'x20' Aurora from Signature Series.