Skyline Garage Package

Standard Features: 18 standard sizes to choose from that include 8/12 Pitch Roof, 8' Smartside side walls, Continuous Shingle Vents, Tyvek Wrap, 9 Lite Fribreglass Entry Door, 2x6 Wood Fascia capped in Aluminium, Matching Smartside Soffits for SmartSide Units, No Floor Deduction applied, Dimensional Asphalt Shingles, Aluminum Drip Edge, Engineered Stamped Truss & BCIN Drawings with Schedule 1 form for your Ontario Building Permit.
Options to Consider: Sizes available available in single, double and triple garage packages. Functional and Faux Dormers, Metal Roof,
Featured Picture: 24x30 Skyline garage w/ Smartside panel primed ready for paint, 2x6 on 16"O/C interior walls studding upgrade, Staircase to loft, 2 x 48" Functional domer which includes 2x3 single hung window, engineered girder truss, 6 x 2x3SHW 2'W x 3'H Single Hung Aluminum Window with Grills, 36"W Single Steel Door with 9 lites, Soffit vents, Other pictures of various skyline lofts for examples.