Ontario Garage Package

SAME FOOTPRINT, MORE SPACE Maximize your storage space the same way farmers always have. Gambrel-roofed barns result in a larger loft – farms need it for hay and straw – and it is still a good idea for maximum storage space.
Standard Features: 19 standard sizes to choose from that include Gambrel Pitch Roof, 8' Smartside side walls, Continuous Shingle Vents, Tyvek Wrap, 9 Lite Fibreglass Entry Door, 2x6 Wood Fascia capped in Aluminum, Matching Smartside Soffits for SmartSide Units, No Floor Deduction applied, Dimensional Asphalt Shingles, Aluminum Drip Edge, 2" x 10" Top Plate, 2' Loft with 2'x4" joints in 14', 16' & 20' Wide Units, 24' Wide units have a full loft with 2'x12" joists and pull down stairs, Engineered Stamped Truss & BCIN Drawings with Schedule 1 form for your Ontario Building Permit.
Options to Consider" Single, Double and Triple Car garages sizes available. 3ft cantilever roof eve side, full stairs to loft,
Featured Picture: This picture shows an actual car in a 12' wide building to give you some perspective on what you may require. The Ontario Building Code has changed requiring a floating concrete pad vs a wood floor for new builds. The loft is a nice feature of the Ontario, Gambrel roof as it does maximize storage space in the loft. A loft door on the outside can be added as another access point to the loft.