Signature Series Playhouses

There Only Young Once

Encourage imagination and
independence with a qualitybuilt
playhouse of long-lasting
wood with child-safe windows,
adult doors in the back or side
and child-sized lofts.


We offer 3 distinct play house designs in the Signature Series all with a 20 Year top to bottom warranty


The Clubhouse        8'x12'








The Victorian - 8'x8' or 8'x10'


The Castle - 8'x8' or 8'x10'


The Clubhouse

Features:  Built in 8'x4' Porch with Deck and Cedar Rail painted as trim.  20"x40" child door, 26"x63" adult door in back, loft with ladder.  Five 14"x21" single hung working windows, one octagon window. Continuous ridge vent in place of end vents.

The Knobbs family purchased a 8'x12'  prefab Clubhouse play house kit and made it a very special project for the whole family. Not only did they build and paint this little club house, they allowed the kids to be a big part of the process.



























The family even painted the inside and added their own furniture to make it warm and cozy year round.














The Victorian














Features:  Reverse gable dormer in the front with ginger bread trim throughout.  20"x40" child door and 26"x63" adult door on right, loft with ladder. Two 14"x21" windows. Continuous ridge vent in place of end vents. Optional decks come with fancy white railings. All standard colours plus Princess Pink.


The Castle














Features:  A Castle motif, with faux turret, specialty corner trim, 20"x40" child door, 33"x72" , adult door on right, loft with ladder. Four 14"x21" windows.  Continuous ridge vent in place of end vents.  Optional decks come with fancy white railings. 

 2 Standard Paint Colours are included for your Playhouse




Choose your shingle colour!  30 Year Dimensional Shingle because Quality Lasts