Play Houses

Choose from a Variety of Styles

Victorian, Cape Cod, Gingerbread, Fire House, School House, and Chapel

In sizes:  8'x6', 8'x8', 8'x10' and 8'x12' Painted in Two Colours

8'x8' Victorian

With optional deck and painted rail.

Standard Features:·

  • 2 Working Windows with Flower Box and Shutters
  • Dormer and Heart Window
  • Child's Dutch Door
  • Adult Side Door
  • Painted 2 Colours 



Cape Cod

Featured:  8x12 

Standard Features:

  • Two (2) working windows with safety glass, grids & screens
  • Shutters & Flowerboxes
  • Child’s Dutch Door (40" High x 20" Wide)
  • Adult Door on side (61" High x 34" Wide)
  • Two (2) cape cod dormers on sizes 4x6, 6x8, 8x8 (nonfunctioning)
  • Three (3) cape cod dormers on sizes 8x10, 8x12 (nonfunctioning)
  • Grid windows in dormers
  • Gingerbread trim (Straight trim on Cape Cod)

School House

Featured:  8'x12' 

Standard Features

  • Child's Dutch Door
  • Adult Side Door
  • Cupola with Bell
  • Awning over Dutch Door





Fire House

   Featured:  8'x8' 

   Standard Features

  • Childs Double Door
  • 1 Window with shutters
  • Fire Bell
  • Firehouse Sign





Gingerbread House

Featured:  8'x8' with, chimney, deck & rail

Standard Features

  • 2 Working Windows with shutters and Flower boxes
  • Child's Dutch door with Adult Side Door
  • Heart shape window.  Gingerbread Trim




Featured:  8' x 12'

Standard Features

  • Child’s Dutch door (20’’ wide x 40’’ high)
  • 6 windows (8’x8’), 8 windows (8’x10’ and 8’x12’)
  • Adult door (61’’ high x 34’’ wide)
  • Steeple with Cross
  • Over hang over child's dutch door