Garden Shed SALE till March 31 st 2019 Save up to a $1,000

Until March 31st, Save up to a $1,000 on our Beautiful 8'x12' Hanover Shed

























Featured above: Is our 8'x12' Hanover.  The perfect garden shed size with Cooltech technology (see below) and our Baked On Finish (see other news at Bosman). 

Order by March 25,2019 for Spring/Summer installation and SAVE over a $1,000!
8x12 Hanover with SmartPanel Primed with Cooltech backing 50/5 year warranty siding
2 – 2x3 Single Hung Aluminum Windows with Grills
54” Double Door Push Bar Design
4’ Loft Included
Smartfloor Technology
Delivered and Installed within 60 KM of Palmerston taxes included $4,950
Delivery and installation to GTA $5,500 taxes included
Delivery and installation to Huntsville $6,400 taxes included

Or design your own with so many options to choose from and save.
*Some conditions apply call for details














Make it the Coolest on the Inside

1.   With CoolTech and its highly reflective surface on the inside you get a brighter interior.  Now standard on sidewalls.












2.  Plus CoolTech Roof Sheathing with its reflective surface reduces the suns radiant energy which helps to keep the inside temperature cooler

3.   Premium finish inside that is resistant to fading and peeling.