The Coolest Shed in Town! 8x12 Garden Shed ON SALE Featuring Cooltech from Bosman

The Coolest Shed in Town - Inside and Out

Featuring Cooltech a Bosman exclusive design

We say the coolest shed inside and out for a multitude of reasons.

Make it the Coolest on the Outside

On the outside you can choose from 16 different designs in our Signature Series with a selection of a 100 different options to customize the look.  In our New England Series gardens sheds we offer 5 different designs with multiple options.

Featured above: Is our 8'x12' Hanover.  The perfect garden shed size with Cooltech technology (see below) and our Baked On Finish (see other news at Bosman).  Now on Sale - See Below


Make it the Coolest on the Inside

1.   With CoolTech and its highly reflective surface on the inside you get a brighter interior. 












2.  Plus CoolTech Roof Sheathing with its reflective surface reduces the suns radiant energy which helps to keep the inside temperature cooler

3.   Premium finish inside that is resistant to fading and peeling.












Introductory Special on the Coolest Garden Sheds in Town - The 8x12 Hanover

CoolTech is Featured in 8 preconfigured 8x12 Hanover Sheds – Claim yours today or have us Custom Build One for you Today.

Enjoy these benefits on the 8 preconfigured 8x12 Hanovers

• 2017 Pricing (2018 rate is up 5%)

• 4ft loft - FREE

• CoolTech Roof Sheathing - FREE

• Smartside Panel with CoolTech Backing - FREE

• Total options discount for loft and Cooltech is $340


How Can We Help YOU?

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