New for 2017, the Frontier Wood Pavilion Kit

Consider our beautiful wood Frontier Pavilion.  A finely crafted quality alternative to the big box store metal structures. Built for Life construction that comes in a do-it-yourself kit.  

Frontier Pavilion

The frontier pavilion with its exposed rafter overhang reflects a rugged look in construction that is enjoyed by many to this day.  This finely crafted pavilion is made of hand selected wood with a beautiful grain that is smooth plained, sanded and fitted together to create a structure you will enjoy for many years to come.  Hand Sanded


In the frontier families enjoyed the satisfaction of building something for themselves and that is why this pavilion comes in a do-it-yourself kit complete with hardware and instructions.  The result is a well thought out pre-fabricated pavilion that can be installed in hours.  Available in many sizes to suit your home or cottage needs this kit is easy to pickup or have it delivered.   

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